The “How-to’s” Growing and Scaling Your Business

One of the things I love most about working in this industry is that it is full of vibrant, productive, self-motivated artists who are often willing to give their all at all hours. Most of us launch as sole entrepreneurs, and part of what makes it so exciting is that we truly love what we do. If you work hard enough there will come a time when you have to start scaling your business and hiring team members to help you achieve your vision. That’s when we need to really sit down and think about the organization as the big picture. It’s great to have departments but they should not work in isolation. Today, I want to share a few tips that may be helpful in future situations:

Be Clear:  Be specific. Assign tasks and provide clear directions.  Don’t just share your expectations as a demand, try to identify what the short and long-term goals are, what is needed, when it is needed and why it’s needed. Prioritizing tasks is key. This last one is a big deal because it allows your team in on your vision and at the same time gives them a sense of the value that they bring to the overall project.  This will ultimately allow them to perform at higher standards and to perhaps exceed expectations.

Trust, But Verify: Avoid micromanaging at all cost. Let team members know that you have an open-door policy and encourage them to ask questions by letting them know that you’d rather take the time to answer and guide than have miscommunications as a result of them not speaking up out of fear. However, do monitor activities and provide feedback.

Show Empathy: In any “family” there will be disagreements, eye-rolls, days when people aren’t particularly pleasant, but it’s important to always see beyond that, the person as a whole and the job they do. Train yourself to give them the benefit of the doubt. As managers, we are there to guide, lead, understand, and to step in and ask, “Are you OK? How can I help?” This makes all the difference in the world.

Get Them Involved: There is a big difference between the energy of someone working “for” you and someone who feels they are working “with” you. Yes, you are still the boss, but when you value your staff and show that you have appreciation for their part in achieving a shared goal, they will be more loyal to their work, their team and the company. Gratitude is paramount.

Photography: Kismis Ink Photography

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