Essential Oils for the Soul

Essential oils for a relaxing bath is my jam! If you are an entrepreneur, work in a high-pressured job, are a parent, a student, or just figuring your way through life; keep reading. You’ll need a break at some point. I find myself day-dreaming about untethered days and afternoon naps. As of late, I’m loving long showers or baths. Both work wonders because it’s private me time. I’ve been playing around with essential oils to recharge and find balance by intentionally incorporating self-care routines into my schedule. 

We all have those days where we have been wiped out.  A calming bath is how I like to wind down from these type of days. You add essential oils in your bath are a game-changer! Many use bath bombs that mesmerize you with their pretty colors, but I find essential oils to be the most effective when it comes to relaxation. Essential oils are potent plant essences that have the ability to influence and calm our hectic minds and sore bodies. Essential oils get you closer to relaxation!

Some of my favorites:

Lavender: Lavender is well-known for its therapeutic relaxing properties. Not to mention, t’s cleansing effects. skin soothing abilities.  It’s great for back and muscle aches.  Additionally, it  enhances blood circulation.

Chamomile: Although, I don’t really love the taste of chamomile I use it in teas if I want a good night’s sleep.  Alternatively, if you add some drops in your bath it will also relieve stress on your mind.

Rose: calming effects relieve anxiety in the mind and tension in your muscles. This oil is perfect for those with sensitive skin as rose oil is known to supports the whole spectrum from oily to dry skin.

Bergamot:  Bergamot ismostly used to relieve pain from headaches and joints. Some say even emotional pain. It is also known to aid the digestive system, and perfect for cleansing oily skin. I love it because it significantly reduces my migraine pain.

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus is known for anti-inflammatory properties. It rejuvenates sore muscles and promotes easy breathing by decongesting the airways, additionally, it stimulates the immune system.

Due to their potency, for more sensitive skin, it is recommended to mix your desired oil (about 5-10 drops) with a carrier oil like jojoba oil or bath salts in warm water to dilute their strength.

I hope that you will get a chance to try essential oils soon. While it is important to work hard every day to achieve our goals, it is also very important to make sure we take some time to care for our minds and bodies along the way. Happy relaxation my tribe!