5 Ways To Manage Irrational Clients

Kathy Romero Business Coach | 5 Ways to Manage Irrational Clients

It’s no secret that managing irrational clients is not easy, so as planners we need to be like chameleons and adjust to our client’s state of mind. It’s imperative that we understand that most of our clients have hired us because they want a certain level of expertise and attention. Our discerning clients deserve the white glove service that they expect and are paying for even if they are being irrational and ungrateful. I know this is challenging but please remember to always put your feelings aside.

Here are some practices that have worked for me:

  1. Always be prepared to listen to our clients, their concerns, and dislikes, alike. At times, the client just wants to be heard and his or her concerns may be easily appeased if you take the time to listen and address their needs immediately. The worse thing that you can do is avoid the issue. Always try to diffuse problems as they originate. Ignoring them will only make matters worse and your client more irritable.
  2. Put your feelings aside: Don’t take things personal. More than likely, this is less about you and more about what is a priority to them. I find that focusing on my client’s needs and not their personalities makes a world of a difference. We must be prepared to adjust our mindset. When we do this we automatically set ourselves up for success and will be able to solve problems more efficiently.
  3. Your ego should not take over: Be prepared to apologize even if you think you’ve done nothing wrong. Admit your mistake if there was one and move on continue to give your best. This will allow your client to build trust and may even bring you closer.
  4. Put your body language on check: I know at times this can be difficult but try not to use your when confronted with an angry client. Be sure to be aware of the body language projected as well as any head or body movements. Let your body and your mind speak the same language. I find it interesting when your words don’t match what your body language reflects.
  5. Understand your limits. What are you willing to tolerate? Whatever you do always put professionalism first. Be clear and direct without forgetting what you stand for. Some clients are very challenging and we must be assertive when needed without disrespecting our client or our brand.

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