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Planning a wedding for millennials? Here’s what you NEED to know

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Everyone’s talking about Millennials and with good reason. This demographic is comprised of people born between 1980 and 1995, and as the first digital natives, they’re driving how thousands of companies market their products and services. Here’s what every wedding planner needs to know about marketing to Millennials:

  1. Are you used to dealing with the bride and her mom? The paradigm is shifting. Millennial men have a much greater sense of sharing the responsibilities that come with planning a wedding than men of previous generations. This is something to keep in mind during the initial stages of the planning process.
  2. Most Millenials don’t spend what they don’t have. Millennials tend to spend within their means. They leave the ostentatious displays of wealth to brides and grooms of weddings past, and they spend on the things that have true meaning to them. For instance, if they can only afford the wedding of their dreams by just 50 of their closest friends and family attend, then that is what they will do. They think logically so they will have no problem cutting back on the nonessentials in order to have the wedding of their dreams.
  3. Millenials will spend money on personalization. They are all about standing out from the crowd, especially where it matters: on social media. And let me tell you—nothing says “amazing” to a group of followers like a custom touch at a wedding that just hasn’t been seen before. Cupcakes? Overdone. Photo booths? So 2011. But pictures of the couple’s brunch reception waffle bar? Absolutely. Whatever that little taste of original may be, I guarantee you; will go way further than your standard wedding design.
  4. Details matter. Millennial brides and grooms are drooling for little touches of do-it-yourself elements at weddings, this has nothing to do with high end or middle market. It’s seen more as an activity to bring people together. Whether they actually did it themselves or not (more likely not), they want to display the story of their relationship in the most natural way.
  5. As for food, the farm-to-table concept, food trucks, unique craft beers and trendy “build your own” food bars are top of mind for these couples. From their perspective, you can eat a sit-down meal any old day of the week, but having people mingling and talking about the originality of that build-your-own ice cream sundae bar is priceless.

The big takeaway? Bring originality, tech-savviness and an open mind along with your A-game. Remember, that they love to be a part of the process so expect them to be very involved. Think global and be open to offering your services in any part of the world. Afterall, most Millenials went to school in a different country or a different state, so for them the possibilities are endless. Lastly, if you are not marketing yourself outside of your webisite or twitter, unfortunately you probably don’t exist.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. If possible, share some of the challenges you are facing today when marketing to Millenials.

Photography: CLY By Matthew Lee

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