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These are the 5 Most Important Elements of Planning an Outstanding Event

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If you want to stand out as a highly successful, sought-after event planner, you need to keep these essential elements in mind.

You can tell the difference between an average event and an outstanding event from the moment you walk in the door – sometimes even sooner. Outstanding events dot every i and cross every t. Hosts are proud to associate their name with the experience and guests leave with memories they keep for a lifetime.

But what goes into these outstanding events? What makes them really stand out? I’ve narrowed it down to these top 5 tips

Amazing food is a whole mood.

It’s not just about giving people enough to eat. Food brings a feeling of warmth and welcoming to your guests. It encourages them to share, talk, and connect on a deeper level. The term “hangry” was created for a reason. Leaving your guests hungry can snowball into a plethora of other disasters so you want to make sure that your timing is on point. If your event is being held during meal times, plan on providing that meal. You’ll also want to consider the preferences of your client. If your client is hoping to deepen relationships during their event you can consider serving food family-style, or if it’s a more formal event they might prefer plated courses prepared by a well-known or celebrity chef. The food can make or break an entire event so have fun, get creative, and make it delectable!

Be mindful with your music selections.

Music is the universal language. It pulls us together and brings so much joy to any type of gathering. Just think for a moment about how when you hear a certain song, your mind can recall a beloved memory with vivid detail. It’s magical. Don’t leave the music as an afterthought in your planning process. You want to make sure that the music compliments the overall vibe of the event. Work with your client to come up with a playlist that is going to elevate the event and provide your guests with a fun, memorable, and thoughtful multi-sensory experience. You also want to know how the music will be played to assure you have the right technology and equipment, and then set a volume that’s comfortable for everyone. Be mindful of the positioning of your speakers.  We don’t want our guests screaming to talk to each other, and we don’t want the music to be so quiet that no one can really tell if it’s on or not. 

Set the mood with luxurious lighting.

Having the proper lighting at your event can elevate the mood and create the most amazing atmosphere. It can create depth in the most “boring” of spaces, add ambiance, and tie all the other design elements together. Maybe that show-stopper flower arrangement, centerpiece, or design element would look even more amazing if it was illuminated, for example. You want to take into consideration both natural lighting and artificial lighting when you’re coming up with your lighting design. Working with a talented lighting specialist is a great way to add that wow factor to your events because they’ll be able to suggest the latest and greatest in lighting technologies that you might not even know about yet.

Organization and flow matter.

It’s in the name. You’re an event planner, so planning and organization is arguably the most important part of creating an outstanding event. You want to be meticulous about every single detail. Walk through each element as if you were the guest and pay attention to how everything flows together. If you encounter any sticky or awkward moments, get them cleared up as soon as you can. Once that room is full of people, the little thing you thought “wouldn’t be a big deal” can quickly morph into a disaster, and we don’t want that. We want an organized event that flows with ease and makes people feel comfortable and happy. That’s how you create the buzz around your service and how you stand out from the crowd.

No matter what, your client is your priority.

When you plan your event from a place of love, success is inevitable. You need to really care about your client and keep their best interest in mind at all times. When you make your events as important to you as they are to your client, you’re going to get a positive outcome no matter what happens. Put yourself in their shoes, especially when tensions rise. Their intentions are ultimately good. They are making a big investment in an event and their reputation is at stake too, so do what you can to go above and beyond. When your energy is sincere and your sole mission is to create the very best event you can for them, the experience you have as the planner, the experience your client has, and the experience of your guests are all set up to be extremely successful.

What would you consider to be the most important element of creating an outstanding event? Leave a comment here or connect with me on Instagram!

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