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KR | THE PLANNER COLLECTIVE is the number one workshop for wedding & event planners, event industry creatives, and small business owners who want to attract, connect with, and service their ideal client at the highest level.

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

At the KR | THE PLANNER COLLECTIVE you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to grow your business and become the person you want to be!

This workshop will change how you do business forever. Not only does the curriculum provide an insider’s perspective on curating luxury event experiences, you’ll learn effective sales tactics and innovative budgeting and pricing strategies that’ll elevate your business and your life. There’s a seat waiting for you!

Believe Big!

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The Collective is a safe space. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, all questions are welcomed without judgment. You’ll get the information you need to transform your business, including real examples of planning challenges I faced and how I overcame them. I will share innovative planning, design, production techniques, and new business strategies that you can apply immediately. Embark on a journey to a better you!

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the topics covered include:

finding, attracting, + serving your ideal client

Learn from my experience.

how to pitch, sell + convert

Master the art of selling.

innovative strategies for pricing + budgets

Increase your profits.

establishing your worth, getting paid, + expanding

Explain how you add value so you can ask for what you're worth.

building confidence, credibility + influence

Get powerful tools that will set you up to win.

marketing your business

Upgrade your skills.

marketing your business

Upgrade your skills.

the results

courtney leeder

"It changed not only my business but my life.

The KR Collective reinspired me, made me focus, and made me understand how much I am worth! In the few weeks since the collective I have already closed more high end clients and am charging what I'm worth. I love Kathy. I want to spend all my time learning from her and would 100% take this workshop over again (and likely will). Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kathy. You are an amazing woman, mother, and boss!"

This could be you....

Courtney Elizabeth Events

irene tynsdale

"Don't walk, run to register.

I took the course in May. It has truly changed my business and my numbers. You cannot ask others to invest in you if you don't invest in yourself. With every professional investment I make I see a ROI. When you attend the be prepared to be honest, to work and to change."

Irene Tynsdale Events

jamila davis

"Your collective in my humble opinion is the most critical course to take.

Everyone claims to serve the luxury market, but you opened my eyes to what that really means and how to actually serve with intention. And you held back NOTHING from pricing to processes. This collective completely transformed how we do business! Thank you again Kathy!

Lauren Wesley Designs